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提取罐 多功能提取罐的价格 专业提取罐价格 咨询南宁博之浩 电话 139-7712-2113本设备可用于中药、食品、化工行业的常压、微压、水煎、温浸、热回流、强制循环、渗漉、芳香油提取及有机溶煤的回收等多种工艺操作。倒锥型提取罐最突出的特点是出渣非常方便,加热效果好。罐体配备 CIP 自动旋转喷洗球,测温孔、防爆视孔灯、视镜、快开式投抖口等,确保操作简便,符合 cGMP 标准。设备内筒体材质为进口SUS304,夹套采用全封闭硅酸铝、聚胺脂保温,外筒体贴SUS304亚光薄钢板饰面。设备成套供应包括:除沫器、过滤器、冷却器、油水分离器、过滤器、汽缸控制台等附件。提取罐 多功能提取罐的价格 专业提取罐价格 咨询南宁博之浩 电话 139-7712-2113


 The equipment is applicable for the multiple technology operation of normal pressure , micro pressure , water frying , warm soaking , thermal reflux , compulsory circulation , filtration , redolent oil extraction and organically solvent recycling in traditional Chinese medicine , food and chemical industry . The prominent characteristics of the large and back taper type extracting tank is that the slagging is very convenient with good heating effect . The tank body is equipped with CIP cleaning rotary spraying bal head , temperature measuring hole , explosion - proof view lamp , view mirror , rapid open feeding inlet etc ., which can guarantee the convenient operation and is in accordance with cGMP standard . The tank body inside the equipment is made of imported SUS304, and the jacket is made of completely sealed aluminum silicate blanket for temperature holding . The external tank body is stuck with SUS304 semi - luster thin steel sheet for surface decoration . The complete equipment supplied shall include : Defoamer , condenser , cooler , oil and water separator ,
 filter and control desk for cylinder etc . Accessories .